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31 May 2010

And the winner was...

Well we all know that now...

I didn't pick it though, i didn't think she'd have the ooomf to get through. And as always the 5 rounds into the voting winner system came true. But it's nice to see Germany win for the second time given how much money they pump into it. Just as nice as it is to see england lose with that terrrible terrible entry. I felt a little sorry for Moldova, they got 10 points in the first round and only scored 27 overall. The sorrow there may be related to the fact that moldova was one of my favourite entries. Talking favourites Turkey did WAY better than I hoped with their robot. Second place is a pretty good effort.

So I watched the final at Eirik's place with a bunch of his friends. It was pretty cool and lots of fun. I've never watched the eurovision with people who get into entries that much (to the point of jumping and yelling everytime Norway got some votes).

For those of you who care... so well just me really here are the final score placings for everyone. First Semi, Second Semi and the Final. Interesting to note is Romania coming 3rd in the final but only making 4th in the semi... And the other funny hah hah is Switzerland only getting 2 points in total...

So where to next?
Well I've booked a flight to Frankfurt tomorrow, and I'll spend a day or two faffing around there before I meet Lex, Vou and Robbo at Rock am Ring. Such an over the top line up I can't wait.
After that I'm going to go to Munich (maybe) and Berlin (definitely... I've heard great things about Berlin and I was to do these tours). That then leads me towards Mecca *ahem* I mean Legoland in Billund, Denmark with Cam.
From there I'm going to follow Cam south to France, where he's in Nantes. Then I'll do the obligatory trip to Paris to see the tower etc. Then (fingers crossed) Rosie and I are going to try and go to Greece together. Athens (of course) and then hopefully staying with my friend Karen in Xanthi. Then I want to go to Istanbul.
From there things get a little vague. I would really like to go to Jerusalem (just to see what the fuss is about) and then maybe float through Eastern Europe to Prague for the WUCCs. Then Anson and I are looking at going to Croatia (Dubrovnik and Split) on our/my way to the U23s in Florence. I might try and do a day or two in Rome too.

So that's how the trip is playing out... should be pretty cool.

Løve hugs and kisses

ps I had to write this somewhere. I had a dream the other night/morning about playing a really competitive game of soccer... I hate playing soccer. But when I got up and told Eirik he said ''well I was dreaming that you were making me eat spiders. You had them in your bag and pulled one out and said it's gone off... then broke off a leg and made me eat it anyway''

I thought that was pretty funny

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