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1 June 2010

Gonna get me sum kulcha

So I had my last day in Oslo today.

I intended to head off to the Natural History museum (Yay fossils!) and Munch Gallery (home of one of the ''screams'') to get me a bit of culture today. However the Norwegian authorities seemed to be acting in concert against me to prevent this, by closing both of these establishments.
So I then intended to nip off to the National Gallery (to see another Scream) but once again it was closed (No paintings on a Monday in Norway it seems). That meant I changed my plans and scuttled over to the Castle to do the tour there. I followed this up with a tour of the resistance museum. That was really pretty cool.

Anyway I fly off to Frankfurt tonight, to meet Lex and the Boys and will then busy myself with rocking of the ring...


Løve, Hugs ænd Kisses


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