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14 June 2010

So the insanity tour of Europe continues... Did someone see my shit? I swear I had some shit before I got here...

So at the last actual text installment I was on a train that had boarded a ferry (!) for Copenhagen.

I was asked why would I bother getting the train when I could fly... Well yes they can take a little longer and can cost a little more (if you fly bargain airlines) but they do have some bonuses.
  1. No dicking about with check in hours before you get on
  2. No need to repack your luggage and carry on so they don't confiscate your toothpaste etc
  3. They are more comfortable
  4. You can move about
  5. You can actually see stuff out the window

So yeah I like trains much more than planes in Europe atm

From the window of the train Denmark looked a bit like it belonged in a fairy tale and while at Copenhagen central station I saw the Copenhagen rollerderby team. I was reading my comics on the train to and the Eastern European ones are just getting weirder and weirder... From Copenhagen it was a train and a bus to Billund to meet Cam at the hotel... leading to one of the most awesome weekends ever...

Just quietly... Legoland was amazing. I foolishly didn't charge my camera, but I only had like 70 pics left so I flew through them in no time. Most of the trip was exhaustively documented by Cam though (thanks Cam!). My weather luck continued unabated however... It was raining in Billund until the moment we stepped outside and then started again once we got back in.

Cam and I did virtually no rides in the park... all we did was the atlantis ride to look at the aquarium after it and the power builders one where you get to program your own ride. Both were very cool, but couldn't hold a candle to miniland. For those of you not in the know, miniland is the main attraction at all the legolands and is basically a collection of scenes and monuments and famous buildings etc made in a small scale from lego. It sounds a little bit lame, and the pictures I've seen in books and the net etc seem a little lame too... but actually seeing it really does blow your mind with the scale and attention to detail. If you remember legoland at Birkenhead point, or the displays they had at centrepoint after birkenhead closed down think to the big models and stuff that they had... The animals and stuff... Those were all cool but have NOTHING on the entire cityscapes they made in miniland... Cam and I spent over and hour running around saying "look at this look at this" "Oh my god look at that" etc. We then finished the day with a trip to the lego store. No if legoland is the biggest theme park in Europe (as I was told) then the lego store is the biggest tantrum location in Europe... "I want it..." "NEIN" "Bitte" etc... Now the phrase kids in a candy store comes to mind, but this isn't very accurate as eventually you eat so much candy you feel sick and can't eat anymore... I don't think you ever could get sick of lego and the lego shop. Cam and I spent a bit of money on lego (I only spent like $75 there) and then went back to our hotel room to play.

The next day we went off to the Lalandia aquadome, a water park type thing basically next door to legoland. It was lots of fun too, a pissy little wave pool and kiddy stuff and then some pretty cool waterslides. Particularly the big one, the tornado...

We then hopped a couple of planes and came back to Nantes (where Cam lives atm). Tomorrow I'm hoping to skip off to paris for two days, then off to Greece to meet Rosie and Karen

Love, Hugs and Kisses

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