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12 May 2010

My first new post

Wooooo scary... So here's the first new post for my shiny new blog (as opposed to something stolen/adapted etc from all the shite I've written on bookface). Given that I started this to put some coverage out there about what I'm doing and when I guess the best thing to start with would be to just start with my current travel plans... So here they are
  1. 19th of May- Leave Sydney and fly to Oslo via Singapore and Amsterdam (I think)
  2. 20th of May- Land Oslo and *hopefully* hop a train to Moss to meet/stay with some very very estranged relatives (possibly a Great or Great-Great Grandfathers Great Grandchild? Maybe... possibly with an adoption in there too)
  3. 23rd of May- Back to Oslo
  4. 25th of May- EUROVISION Semi final 1!
  5. 27th of May- EUROVISION Semi Final 2!
  6. 28th of May- Eurovision Dress Rehersal
  7. 29th of May- EUROVISION Final!
  8. 31st of May- Munich maybe
  9. 2nd of June- Frankfurt maybe
  10. 3rd of June- ROCK AM RING! I will be seeing Kiss, Ramstein, Muse, RATM, Bad Religion, Rise Against and Gogol Bordello amongst other bands
  11. 8th of June- Berlin- I've been told not to miss this...
  12. 11th of June- Denmark and Legoland? With Cam Maybe? Must try not to buy to much...
  13. 13th of June- France? Crashing with Cam? Maybe tripping off to Paris
  14. 17th of June- Greece? Crashing with Karen perhaps?
  15. 21st of June- Istanbul? Not Constantinople... I do like the Byzantine thing too
  16. 24th of June- Jerusalem? I would LOVE to go here to see what all the fuss is about.
  17. 27th of June- Romania? To see Dracula or castle Bran or something
  18. 30th of June- Arrive in Prague, 2 days faffing about before WUCCs where I am a vollie
  19. 12th of July- Croatia with Anson?
  20. 18th of July- Italy- Florence for the U23s with maybe a trip to Rome at the start
  21. 26th of July- Fly out of Florence to Sydney via Amsterdam and Bangkok (I think)
  22. 28th of July- Land in Sydney
So I have a lot of things I'd LIKE to see... but not a huge amount set in stone. Working on my packing list I have clothes, earplugs, torch, food eating things, tent, sleeping bag, boots, lonely planet, cleats, camera, ipod (if it hasn't fucked itself), adapter, toiletries, tix, flux maybe a phone and My Gormenghast trilogy... so only one book =( Have I forgotten anything?

Love, hugs and kisses

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  1. definite yes to croatia.. we just need to plan it :P