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24 May 2010

Yes, I am visiting for the Eurovision... Yes I am serious... No, I'm not gay...

So resuming from where I left off last time...

Had a bbq in Moss with a bunch of extremely distant relatives I'm imposing myself on whilst in Norway (equalling out the generations we share great great grandparents). Was quite nice and I managed to terrorise most of them with stories about how terrible all our bitey-stingy-deadly animals in Australia... Norway has ONE snake that isn't deadly, it just hurts (called the sting worm or something like that) and very rare wolves, bears and moose.

I'm still having issues accepting the fact that the sun doesn't seem to go down here... it's like 10pm at time of writing and barely twilight...

The day after the bbq I tripped around the Moss area a bit and saw a boat that is being hand made-repaired by friends of Tordis. Then that evening (is it really evening if the sun is still up? either way it was like 8pm) i hopped a train with Eirik and his mate off to Oslo. I stayed the night with him in his student accom flat (very cool, it's a circle!) and went out with some friends of his.
After a very late night, and a very long sleep in I spent my first day in Oslo tripping around with Eirik and Istvan looking at the city with it's seedy underbelly (We walked past a hooker negotiating with a customer at like 3pm and I got the giggles) and the nicer areas too. I saw their new Opera house (apparently I needed to see it because being from Sydney, Opera houses are things I'm into), the castle, the palace and the Oslo version of Darling Harbour... Complete with 80s-90s renovations and Imax...
Then I went for dinner with Eirik at Silje's and Jurgen's place where I'm going to be staying for a few days. Jurgen then insisted that we go and throw a frisbee around in the garden for a while.

Anyway, signing off for now

love hugs and kisses


  1. This post's title pretty much sums it up. Gotta love it.
    Also, it's awsome how you spell Øystein's name Istvan. Makes him sound Russian! Hehe!

  2. Ant, I'm a sucker for blogs, so i cheered when I saw yours. I really think you should write about the crazy Norwegians and how some won't seem to get to the climax of a pointless story, maybe, and how others walk into the living room in their underwear with a huge purse on their arm. Loved meeting you.