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10 May 2010

The Eurovision 2008... Preliminary Final One- 6/10

Full of Indignation
Yes, once again viewing the Eurovision has filled me with conflicting emotions... The shear joy that some of the entries bring (Finland and Ireland) contrasted with the rage felt viewing some of those shit Balkan pop/ballad entries. The amazing "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?!" feeling you get with entries like Bosnia Herzegovina and Azerbaijan (to a certain extent, Azerbaijan was a good feeling, Bosnia not so much) is contrasted by the pure rage I get when I observe the Eastern Voting blocks at their vile best/worst... I mean how the FUCK did Serbia win last year? And What the fuck is with Romania/Russia/Armenia getting through and Ireland not? It's pathetic...
Anyway... this will be the first of three Eurovision based notes for 2008. The first preliminary final for all of those who didn't watch it or did and feel the need to relive the memories through my coloured glasses (and could be bothered to read this note... if anyone does).
First of all I screwed up... I only picked 6 out of the 10 entries to go through which is terrible. For the record I picked Estonia (as a hopeful), Azerbaijan (weird but kinda cool... can't find a link), Slovenia (with wheelie shoes), Ireland (a puppet... awesome), Andorra (shit but I thought it would go through...), Bosnia Herzegovina (WTF?! but it's Bosnia... always through), Armenia (fairly crap, but it's an "eastern country"... and check out the dancers MASSIVE feathered mullet), Finland (Awesome... Waxed leather pant wearing nordic metal at it's Eurovision finest... it's like Lordi out of its costume... they even have an axe), Russia (shit... but it's Russia, they scare everyone into voting for them) and Greece as my 10... Now the more astute of you will have noticed the mistakes I made, Estonia, Ireland, Slovenia and Andorra didn't make it through instead Romania, Poland, Israel and Norway (shit, terrible fake tan, far to proud of his arms and shit).
Anyway that's a brief rant about the first preliminary final and I will write another tomorrow... and then Sunday will see a longer note written about the whole thing...

Love, Hugs and Kisses

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