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10 May 2010

My first Eurovision rant

So dredging through all the shite I've written on bookface I came across a very early and exceptionally unsophisticated attempt at a posting on the Eurovision dating back to 2007. So here we go, nicened up for your reading/viewing pleasure.

As some of you may know I'm a MASSIVE Eurovision tragic (nearly didn't go to the Bathurst Stampede one year because they clashed). Except for this year where I had to turn it off halfway through the voting (my favorite part!) because of the fucking Eastern Europe/Balkan voting block. There's NO way Serbia should've won with that bullshit entry...
Anyway I've done some trawling through you tube for videos of some of the better entries over the last few years.

Lordi, 2006 Eurovision Winners and a band that look like they payed to much attention to Gwar and the Lord of the Rings...

"We are the winners"- Lithuanian entry 2006... Awesome, especially the bald guy on the end. Ironically (although perhaps unsurprisingly) they DIDN'T win.

Ruslana from the Ukraine in 2004. The winner and yet another tops entry, try and imagine Xena going raving with whips. She's apparently got 2 university degrees in music, and is pretty hot too. Pity she can't speak English very well. And yes I have seen Simon Farrow's email on her entry... The full length video clip (complete with 42000 drummers and men-with-topknot smacking each other with sticks) is found here

Moldava 2005 Grandmamma in the Rocking Chair with a Drum... Rather amusing

Ukraine 2005 complete with commentary by Terry Wogan... Kinda a flat song but pretty cool all the same.

Once again with the Ukrainian entry, this time 2007 and yes I think the singer is a transvestite but get over the song is hilarious. The Ukraine churns out some ball tearing entries, I look forward to theirs almost as much as the Austrians (or maybe more as the Austrians never get past the pre lims because they aren't in a eatern voting block)

Ans speaking of the Austrians Alf Poier, 2003...Mr Bean meets Peter Garret and an example of why everyone has to love the Austrian's eurovision entries.

Russia 2007, not brilliant but looks DAMN nice.. more people should dress and look like that.

And finally I can't find a video of Sweden (or maybe norway) from 2005... which was kinda a glam rock meets Warrick Capper and brilliant.

So there's part of the reason the Eurovision is AWESOME and you all need to watch... and also why I'm going to Oslo, 2010!)

Love, Hugs and Kisses

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