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6 July 2010

"Key is no..." "No, key is YES... Man is NO"

So we're nearing the business end of things now...

I left Romania on a sleeper train that got into Budapest at 5am... which sucked... so I slept on the station concrete like a hobo... then I got a train to Prague.

I will leave reporting on the important frisbee things to others more qualified (like Simmo) and just talk abotu what I've been doing.
I walked from Prague station to Strahov... which is further than is seems especially as you can't travel as the bird flies. Even if you get the funny-peculiar. I also saw what seemed to be squatters having a jam session. I also had a TERRIBLE steak for dinner.
I woke up the next morning and DIDN'T have to check out and re check in (yay) and spent the day with Paul K (my roomie) and Nat "training" and then we had a vollie bbq... pretty cruisey.
The next day I wasn't really needed so I spent most of it playing cards (teaching slovaks cheat and flux) and then set up some tents... it was a long day because I got up so much earlier than normal.
The first day of games followed and I got to score 2 super close games (magon vs loquitos... 1 point in it until 13-13 and then it finished 17-15 to Magon and Fire of London vs Feldrenner... 2hrs plus long game and only 13-15).
The opening ceremony was also aclose game 16-17 to Canada... after the Czechs came bace from 5-12 down. They then had a xylaphone band and we played drinking uno. And I caught a hedgehog... it was awesome.
Today was a bit sucky... I woke at 615 to get a 630 bus (skipping breakfast) to be at the far fields to do "security"... only my relief didn't come ... ever... so I was on till 230 =(

Otherwise all is good... and I'm saving a rant about the "key is no" man... I'll wait till the end for that though...

Lové, hůgš ánd kíššěš

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