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19 July 2010

Croatia- "So where's your invitation?" "Same place as yours..."

So only one week left till I'm out of here...

Since I left Prague I've been in Croatia with TG. We started by flying from Prague to Split, where we spent a few hours looking at the palace before we jumped onto a boat to Vis Island. We got off the ferry to be greeted by people trying to flog accom off to us and we got a decent deal for a two bed flat with a nice view of Vis town.
Our first full day on Vis we intended to spend going to Blue Cave, but the trip didn't run due to numbers. So we hired a scooter instead and did a big lap of the island exploring the beaches. We ended up going to 5 lovely beaches and despite a minor toe injury and some slight sunburn it was an AWESOME day. And the sunburn really wasn't bad at all thanks to europe having and ozone layer.
The next day the blue caves trip was once again canceled so we hoped a early ferry back to split and then a bus to Dubrovnik... with a brief stop in Bosnia for some reason.

Dubrovnik is awesome. At first I got off the bus and I wasn't wowed at all but TG instantly started playing all the accom scalping Nannas against each other and we ended up with a bargain apartment in the old town. The Nanna then barged us onto a bus and checked us in. But as we hit the old town I understood why Dubrovnik is so popular... Words can't quite do it justice... you will need to see the pics. We went out with Max (the Byron kid we meet off the bus who stayed with us) and another English girl that night and started our night drinking free champagne at a jewelery opening/promo we somehow managed to crash (hence the cheeky where is your invite comment someone pulled on me) and then kicked on further... including a bizzare meeting with a group of very wealthy snobbish Russian girls who didn't want to associate with the inebriated Australians accosting them accusing them of being from Woolongong.

Next morning we went to "hole in the wall" beach/bar... which is the coolest swimming spot I've been to in a long time... My favourite spot in Dubrovnik by far (this is after a reasonable sleep in) and faffed around the rest of the day looking around the old town.
The next day we once again slept in a little and had a morning trip to hole in the wall (we have been going like 2-3 times a day) and then did the Dubrovnik tourist thing. Rector's palace and Maritime museum etc... and the really good one, the walk around the city's walls... Very scenic.
Today TG has hopped a plane to get to Florence on time for the U23s, I will hop a ferry overnight to Italy and spend a day or two in Rome before I skip up for the end of U23s and my flight home.

More general observations of Dubrovnik (and extended Adriatic Croatia) is that it really isn't sure what it is or wants to be... Is it a Coastal Resort? A Family holiday spot? Or a super expensive elite hang out... Or a backpacker town? There are aspects of all of it here...

In other news my sinuses have exploded since I've been in Dubrovnik... and I'm a little tired of living out of a bag... So home sounds kinda cool... but I'm sure within a week I'm going to want to be traveling again...

Love Hugs and Kisses

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