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6 July 2010

A few days ago

So it's been a long time since I last wrote anything... the lack of interweb and moderate amounts of frisball busy-ness has prevented me from doing so.
Anyway at last post I was in Brasov, Transylvania off to watch bears... and you may have noticed from the pics that I saw some... it was mega awesomeness... real bears... They may have been mooching garbage but they were right there on the other side of the street... VERY cool. We saw 8 in total and it was kick ass... I'd ended up going to dinner with a bunch of girls from the hostel and having to run (through the rain) to get back on time... I was 15 mins late and still the first there.
Now I may have inferred in previous posts that american backpackers tend to be ignorant, culturally insensitive, alcohol obsessed, point missing wastes of space and money... Well these girls weren't. They were a lovely group (all Mormans too) and the opposite of what I've previously inferred so I retract my previous assertation ALL American backpackers seem to suck... it's just most =P (Happy Laur?)

I sat up again after that (how can you sleep after bears?) and we decided a large keyboard that can be used with you big toe (and placed on the floor) would be dynamite for those computer/tv hybrid set ups. I then got up at 8am to see if I could go paragliding with some of the morman girls... but weather called it off =( so I went back to bed. I faffed around all morning and then went to Sighasora (Dracula's "birth" town). The town had some old interesting bits... they weren't that pretty though and the torture museum was nowhere near up to scratch. My 1pm train didn't get in till 2 too... which was my fault... when warned it would be late I said "nah, I'll be fine".
Comparing Sighasora to Brasov is a bit harsh (especially given brasov is "probably the best city in the world") but I could've written more torture info than the "muesum" (all one room of it) and the history museum was boring (here is a plow) but did have a nice view. The armament collection was ok but limited too. Sigh was also full of the tack I expected but didn't get in Brasov.

On the train there I was chatting to a Japanese lady who thought I was super traveller man... so much so she wanted a picture of us together in Brasov... so I obliged and am now in some lady's photo collection of her holiday to transylvania.
Glad I didn't spend the whole day (or a night) in Brasov but I did get an awesome wood fired pizza for dinner... which I ate like a filthy pig (or duck because of the limited chewing?). Ciuc (chook) the Romanian beer is ok too... but nothing compared to"Ursus"""THE KING OF BEER in romania"

General observations from Romania. Their food is bland. "Non stop" written outside a shop doesn't mean it is always open. Blinkers are a courtesy when changing lanes only and gutters are more like guidelines than actual barriers to your car.

So that's it from Romania...

Love, hugs and Kisses

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