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30 May 2011

Things and Stuff

I haven't written for a while, and sure as hell don't feel like doing assessment stuff at 11pm so I thought I'd jump on here and have a play around.

So I had a look at the stats for this thing and apparently people still view it (I dunno about reading it, but they view it). Unsurprisingly the majority of page views come from Australia (artificially increased by this 'puter and my desktop... especially from when I want to link to Greg or Max's much more interesting blogs) but second place is the US, that's a little odd... Norway comes in at 7th (unsurprising given I started this thing properly when I was there) but 3rd through 6th are a MYSTERY... Slovenia comes in just behind the US with a BIG margin over the 4th place Germany... Now I've been to Germany, written posts for this blog in Germany and blogged about German things here, so I can see why German computers might link here... But Slovenia? WHY? I've never been there, never written about there and to the best of my knowledge never even met a Slovenian... The closest thing I can think is I've probably bad mouthed their Eurovision entries a few times... This is born out by the fact that of the 290ish views from Slovenia 200 were this month (surpassing my Australian audience by over 2 views to 1)
Next up is even MORE of a mystery... IRAN... WHY? SUPER WHY? How is there any content on here that would even come up for google.iran? Close behind that is Russia... Sorry boys you can't get my credit card details from here

Rereading some of my older posts though I worked out why people managed to find my blog by searching "White Rabbit Dynamite" before I made that a tag (because I couldn't work out why people would find me that way). That was the name of the band I saw on my pub crawl in Berlin (interestingly the "alternative berlin" tours I did and then blogged about are another way people find this... btw if you're ever in Berlin, google "alternative berlin" and do their pub crawls/walking tours).

Anyway to give this blog post some content (other than the bollocks about stats) I thought I'd talk about the lego digital designer and the things I've made with it

For those not in the know, Lego Digital Designer (or LDD for short) is a program that lets you build lego on the 'puter and if you do it in the right mode you can then buy said model complete with custom box and instructions... Needless to say I've spent a LOT of time on it and built some quite bizzare things. I've got 43 models of various sizes and themes

Anyway here was one of my first (and to date most excessive) creations
1500+ Pieces, near on $700 and a build guide of over 400 steps... It would probably top out at 60cms tall...

Bigger isn't better though... some of the smaller scale things I've made look much nicer

It "almost" looks like a realistic castle

As opposed to these

I don't just do castles though, I do other weirder things

The Dragonfly Copter

The Spider Bot
 The Copter Boat
Whatever this is...

I tried making a normal house once... I ended up with this

In fact this is the most "normal" model I have
(It's a space station btw)

And this is to just prove I can use real lego too

Love, Hugs and Kisses

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