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15 May 2011

The Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Final

So Blogger is up and running so I can tap away as it's on

I'm going to say from the start that whatever entry wins tends to spawn a few copycats in the years to follow (Hell Germany sent the same girl)... so if Ireland win I'm going to be fairly grumpy...

The opening was pretty interesting, the guy can certainly play, but I still don't like him... But Anke is has grown on me massively

Onwards to the contest... same as last year I'll only add something for countries I've written about previously if I think of something new

Finland- "Not quite Lordi"... Well put Julia ( I do *heart* Julia too)


Denmark- Shouldn't be called Friend in London, should be called "Stupid Haircut 5ive"

Lithuania- "That's right! She's the one that gets older the closer the camera goes" thanks Steve

Hungary- Michael Bolton

Ireland- The Irish equivalent of a Red Cordial overload... If they win I will hold Ireland solely responsible for the absurdity of next years competition

Sweden- Dark Horse

Estonia- I didn't notice the magic tricks last time...

Greece- [insert joke here about stereo mike being a stupid name too]

Russia- The jackets didn't spell his name in the semi

France- Something something something Yoann, Corsican Opera... Bit of a change of pace from every other Eurovision entry. The Backdrop of the Sun coming out was pretty cool... Beats the hell out of Piss off Jedward

Italy- First time I've ever seen an Italian Eurovision entry... Better than I thought they were going to be. I'd go so far as to say I quite liked this

Switzerland-Clearly she doesn't have to concentrate on the lyrics that much

UK- I wonder if it upsets the UK that countries that clearly don't want to win get more points than them... They always appear to be trying so hard, yet they suck so much every single year... Not quite as shit as last year, but that was amazingly bad

Moldova- These guys are a legit Moldovan band that supports BIG name bands... Oh god I wish I could see what the Moldovan live music scene was like... And then the finish with the monocle

Germany- "taken by a stranger" is it about rape? Such an odd accent she sings in, especially after you hear her speak. I like Lena, not as good as last years but she's pretty cool... And the Australian host guy is clearly on the turps and funny

Romania- Sometimes I love Romania, sometimes it's meh... this year it's all downhill after the pants... Their like the pants from Christopher Walken's suit in Batman (which is one of my all time fav suits)... The act doesn't live up to the promise of the pants...


Azerbaijan- The guy looks kinda like a bad ricky ponting impersonator and the whole song is a bit skeevy


Iceland- Complete with spontaneous kiss on the cheek... "we don't use banks anymore"

Spain- Don't try and don't care... I think they're actually really scared of winning it and then having to pay for hosting it next year... They've even stolen half of the safety dance...

Ukraine- One needs to wonder what will be copied from this entry next year if they win/do well


Georgia- "Out Turkeyed Turkey"... Good call

That suit worn by the vote collating entertainment dude was AMAZING... But I think there is something sinister happening with his teeth. And then Anke needed to be carried around by that dickwit...


Oh how I love voting... I called Sweden at home as a potential winner based on the fact it was dancey and annoying but not over the top like Ireland
12 points from Netherlands for Denmark? Nearly as surprising as 12 points from Cyprus to Greece...
Wow, Finland didn't vote for Denmark, but Norway still voted for Sweden and Finland...
So block voting is back... But at 12 rounds in without a clear winner is a bit unusual...
21 rounds in and it's still kinda close with Ukraine/Azerbajian/Sweden up there...
At least Ireland and the UK are crashing out...
30 rounds in and it was still pretty close with Azerbaijann looking solid over the Ukraine and Sweden... Azerbaijan was creepy and sucked I'm not happy
Towards the end of the voting Azerbajian was pretty solidly in front with Sweden lagging behind and Italy coming out of nowhere to be 3rd, that's nice... But Azerbaijan still sucked massively

Azerbaijan suck... but Italy to pip Sweden for 2nd on the last vote was a pretty impressive return to eurovision

But just one last time... Azerbajian was creepy and sucked

Love, Hugs and Kisses

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