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23 June 2011


I really love the movie Ghostbusters... It's only recently occurred to me how compulsively I will watch that movie. Whenever I'm looking for a DVD to watch it's always on the short list (or the sequel). I think it would be quite distressing to see just how much of that movie I know off by heart, either of them... Ghostbusters 2 still has one of my favorite henchmen lines ever "soon it will be midnight and the city will be mine and Vigos... well mainly Vigos..." Ghostbusters 2 also counts as the first ever reference in my life to Moldova (Vigo was the "sorrow of Moldavia").
The Ghostbusters 2 computer game is one of the first games I ever remember playing on a PC and it was impossibly hard. All I could do was collect the slime and occasionally break someone out of the mental institute... I couldn't catch ghosts at all. I assumed this was because I was young and computers were complicated, but a few years ago I found a copy of the game and played it... That wasn't the issue, that game was just insanely hard...
I've played and finished the new PS3 game, fun but quite short... but hey you get to be a ghostbuster and run around with the original ghostbusters in the game (hell they even do the voices) so I was sold there...

Even the theme warms my heart, I believe I've mentioned before that a ghostbusters multitrack is the default video for me on youtube, but I've dug up a bunch of other covers of the song...In order of goodness are
8 bit

Anyway... I like Ghostbusters

Love, Hugs and Kisses

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