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31 August 2010

Back to the Blog...

So I've been exceptionally nerdy recently... Besides the whole Scott Pilgrim fest and whatnot, a couple of weeks ago I went to see Neil Gaiman (of Sandman, Coraline, etc fame) at the Opera house. He was doing a live reading of a (decidedly average) short story of his accompanied by the fourplay string quartet. That was very cool... I need more books read aloud with a string quartet in the back ground...
The day after I then went to see Akira with a live music score played by the Gurge! That was awesome. The gurge did an AWESOME job... the music was bang on and not intrusive at the least... You'd forget you were listening to a live band... and they went NUTS during the fight scenes which also kicked ass. I'm not the biggest anime fan in the world (is there any anime in the world that doesn't leave you thinking "that was really fucking weird") but I'd watch more if there were live bands playing the music score...
And Last weekend I went back to the Opera house (the first two where there if I didn't mention it earlier) and saw Joss Whedon (Of Buffy, Firefly and Dr Horrible fame) just talking... It was kinda interesting, but clearly I'm not the tragic fanboy that most of the audience was. I did like the jokes Wil Anderson and Joss where making about the "Dick and Balls" comic they made up there... I think that would work surprisingly well as a webcomic... On the vein of that lame dinosaur clip art one. So not just dick jokes but rather the joke is in the inane banter with the extra kick coming from the fact it's two crudely (pun not intended) drawn dicks talking... This is the interweb and I'm sure there is a market for it.

On top of that I've bought/read a LOT of comics recently (and have a list of more to buy... added at the bottom if you really care). I've also finished the Scott Pilgrim game twice and Fallout 3 once (again).

This is all instead of doing my uni work... not that there is much of that yet... I'll start it tomorrow I promise. I've also not done the photo sorting from my trip or the scrapbooking I wanted to do... Oh well.

The other thing I've been doing since I got back is frisbee and training (pissweak) for frisbee... My favourite thing about this (which will be my last AUGs) is that we (mac uni) have gone the full circle and are back to playing in Red... Officially this time. To get the full story you'll need to jump into my time machine with me...
Back in the day (my first Uni Games, circa 2003) Mac Uni played in red... because we'd "ALWAYS" played in red. No other reason (although Liz Drummond does have a blue mace shirt with the same rear design as my first red one and a different front... pre dating red perhaps?). This was pre dating all this "frisbee shirt" crap when we just played in screen printed cotton tshirts (or spandex for the girls) and had the Goodies font on the back. Anyway some clown from the sports association turned up to watch frisbee being played by mac uni (for the first time probably) and said "why're you all in red?"
"we're ALWAYS in red"
"But Macquarie plays in Green and Gold"
"But we play in Red"
"The uni colours are Green and Gold"
"Oh... Did we mention these are the shirts we ALWAYS play in and they're red?"
Fast forward to 2004 and someone at the sports association decided that we needed to have a GREEN uniform so they gave the team some surplus soccer or hockey gear (one of the REAL sports)... We didn't look AWESOME, but we were finally the "correct" colours.
That started a pattern (for the years I had off... aka the "Matt Dowle" years) of Mac playing in red (because we ALWAYS play in red... See the ultra cool hayley drawn barbarian shirts) all the time except at Uni Games themselves. Then last year in a fit of brilliance (or we need to burn some money) Mac uni hired a VERY VERY VERY expensive consultant to "change/fix the corporate image". Apparently the lighthouse upset people because we're not near the beach... Part of this involved a change of colours from Green and Gold to Burgundy and Charcoal... Which meant new uniforms for all the sports teams (sucks to be in the hockey club that just bought new kits less than six months before this). This is why last year Mac took to the field in the Rory organised (praise be unto him) White and Charcoal numbers (that took a LOT of dicking around to get approved). So what is happening to Mac Uni this year? Well in my last AUGs mac uni is back to a Red shirt with black shorts... just were I started... what a nice complete circle.

The other thing I'm going to write here (for those who read it) I'm seriously thinking about getting a tongue piercing this Friday... Or Microdermals behind my ear... or both (dependant on cost and feasibility). Anyone have any thoughts?

Love, Hugs and Kisses

PS. Comics I want to buy (presents for me if you want =P)
  • Box Office Poison
  • Too Cool to be Forgotten
  • The Goon (maybe)
  • Bone (maybe)
  • Zombies vs Robots
  • Mercy Sparx (maybe)
  • Death the High Cost of Living
  • Possessions (maybe)
  • Lost Girls (maybe)

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