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9 September 2010

Things and Stuff...

So we have a government again...

I could write a lot here, raving about politics is something I will do quite often with vigor (especially when I'm in opposition to whatever neo-con or religious right policy has been grabbing headlines) but noone here really wants to read a couple of hundred words of me ranting about stuff... Suffice to say out of the two options liberal vs labour I come down on the labour side... But I'm even a bit further left than they are... It is quite a surprise to me how many (semi) vocal liberal supporters I have as friends though... It can't even comprehend someone legitimately having that point of view... Oh well, everyone is different it seems...

And in other news, relating to the last post about AUGs coming in a big circle and going back to Perth and wearing red and stuff... The "token seppo" from mac this year is a dude named Taylor... Talk about around in circles, the first token seppo I ever played with was Arms... and his real name was Taylor... So clearly we all live in the matrix and I've just inhabited the frisbee (or uni frisbee) cell of the matrix for the whole ride and I've got back to the start...

I also saw that you can buy Daria on DVD for like $100+ (I assume it is all of them)... I'm definitely thinking about that. I started rewatching Duckman the other day and found out there are episodes of that I missed when I bought the dvd... so that gives me SOMETHING to do in my spare time.

I also went off to Industrial Strength in Newtown to talk about getting my tongue pierced before uni games. Turns out that's a no go... Industrial strength being what they are (ie vaguely competent and knowledgeable) said that it's two weeks for swelling to go down fully and control to return and then another few weeks before you should change the bar (not the "change in two weeks" you see reported). So that means no real healing before uni games, I'd still have the longer bar and most of the potential healing would be gone by the end of Uni games... So I'm going to hold off till I get back. I was also talking about other stuff I could get done that is less obvious and it turns out I could get a couple of microdermals behind my ear pretty easily.

Now (writing this for the second time because the damn thing didn't publish properly the first time) the first thing most (the vast majority of) people say when I mention that I want my tongue pierced is "WHY?"... so here is the answer... "Because I want to"

First up is the standard "what about when you get old?" thing that always gets brought up by people as an anti tattoo/piercing thing... Well two answers to that 1) most piercings can be taken out and will close themselves quick quickly (in the case of a tongue it's only a couple of hours)... obviously that doesn't work for tatts or dermal punches (not sure about stretches) but that's where 2) comes in... This answer came from Lex's bro I think but it goes basically "well when I'm old I'll be able to look back at them and say "shit I was cool/had some fun" when I was younger.

Next up is the "what about getting work?" etc... First of all this shits me to tears.
*engage rant*
I think it's a sad reflection on EVERYONE that people give such a fuck about what people look like and how they dress. Like seriously does it affect your work performance at all what you wear to work? Is there anyone in the history of the world who's said "well I was going to buy their product, it was the best for me, but then I found out that they were wearing JEANS! So I took my business elsewhere"... Like seriously what is everyone (ie the corporate worlds) problem? Are they so fucking narrow minded that people doing what they want is to be feared? I have more thoughts but it's hard to express angry anarchistic mutterings in type... What you look like has 0 impact on how good you work in 99% of jobs out there, it's what you think and know that counts... But the world is fucked up and narrow minded conservatives can't seem to get it into their head that piercings/tatts/casual clothes/hair colour/being fat have less affect on work performance (or any other form of performance) than being a narrow minded weaselly conservative fucktard does...
*end of rant*
But that's the main reason for me getting a tongue stud/microdermals... A tongue stud is pretty easy to conceal with a flat clear plastic stud and the microdermals are behind my ear, so not that visible (not to mention something people won't expect/notice at first).
I need something less visible and I'd never get my wang or nipples pierced... so that's why I chose tongue.

The other reason to get it done is it scares me something fierce. So that sounds a bit odd, but I've jumped out of planes (more than one), swum with (harmless) sharks, played with snakes and spiders, flash photographed bears and a host of other stupid shit and none of it has ever really scared me that much... But as a few of you will know I'm a bit of a narc when it comes to my teeth... The creepiest nightmare I have is of all of them breaking and falling out of my head. So a lip ring is a no-no (given they rub on your teeth and fuck them). A tongue stud has that potential if you're an idiot and do the wrong thing etc... but I think I'm safe there.
The real fear is because it's going to hurt... a LOT... None of my earrings hurt that much really (about the same as a blood test) and yeah my tattoo hurt whilst getting done, but that goes away the moment the needle is lifted off you... this one will hurt getting done... lots... and then it will swell and hurt for a few days... lots... I'm almost curious to see if I can take it. And doing something that scares you is supposed to be good for you...
I don't think the microdermals will hurt as much, but they're going to be pretty unique which is nice... not sure about if they can come out ever though... I assume so (if all else fails they could be cut out i'm sure).

So that's why I'm doing it

In other news I just listened to a song with the words "mindless minions" used... good phrase

Love, Hugs and Kisses

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