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29 October 2010

Stolen From Bookface Two: Return of the self plagariser...

So I decided to raid my old facebook notes for other bollocks to put into my blog (and preserve for eternity)... And I came across these "gems"

Velociraptors vs Batman

in depth analysis



  • They're DINOSAURS
  • They're smart for dinosaurs
  • They work in packs
  • Feathers! So they're probably not cold blooded
  • They're agile, fast and have that massive (for their size) killing claw
  • They're WAY smaller than you think… Like the size of a Turkey
  • They probably aren’t smarter than a cat (although Catwoman is one of Batman's most difficult adversaries... mainly because he's so busy trying to "get it on" with her)
  • Feathers! So they look silly

  • he’s batman and therefore not allowed to lose (LAME)
  • he has plans for EVERYTHING, so that probably includes dinosaurs
  • Velociraptors are pretty small… he could just drop kick them
  • ”OMG! They can open doors!” so he’ll just booby trap the door
  • he’s batman and therefore lame and the image of velociraptors eating him is cool
  • there’s only one of him (and he is subject to the law of inverse ninja strength... He always gets the most screwed when working with Robin/Batgirl etc)
  • he is “just a man”... Crazy Prepared isn't really a superpower anymore than "Logistics" is a superpower for Awesome X
So that tells me that vs a Velociraptor Batman would win… Vs a pack, batman would win…
However bring in a Utahraptor (a much much bigger raptor and it’s a different story… Over 2m tall and 7m long!) but even then I think batman would beat an individual dinosaur (of ANY kind)…

So now we’re up to Batman vs a pack of deinonychus (1.5-2m tall and 3m long)… They are the first dinosaur that blew my mind (even before J-Park) and I think a pack of them would possibly be a damn tough opponent for Batman… Victor would depend on the environment, how prepared batman is and just how many you have in the pack…


Next up....

It's a Monday with no league... what do real people do on a Monday?
I know! I'll write a facebook post...

So it's not that time of year and the hottest 100 of the year isn't rolling around. Instead Triple J are running a Hottest 100 of ALL TIME poll. They last did this 10 years ago or so. I do love my triple J and voting in the hottest 100 is an essential task to do each year (very rarely do I vote for a winner or even the top 10... I normally get a couple in the top 20 though... and got Muse- Knights of Cydonia through a couple of years ago). Anyway I've been nagging people to vote in this one or even just to think about it. What're your favorite songs of all time? That's a tough damn question.
For those not in the know about the process works... You don't pick 100 songs you don't pick 1... you choose 10 songs and the top 100 voted for songs win and are ranked and played in order. So you need to choose 10 songs which is a damn hard thing to do. So after much agonising and soul searching I've picked my top ten... and are listed as follows

1) The Living End Prisoner of Society
Kick Ass song... Kick Ass Band... When we're old and crusty telling our grandkids about what it was like back at the turn of the century this is the band we will be talking about... I have no doubt of that. There is a reason every year these guys make the hottest 100 for that year. This song made this band, it fucking rocks and 10 years after it came out we all still love it and know the words. It was MANDATORY listening at parties for at least 5 years after it came out and I have no doubt you could still whack it on a stereo at any time and NOONE will turn it off. Plus this song is amazing live....

Ranks 2-5 haven't bee assigned, but would include in no particular order

Rage Against the Machine Killing in the Name
Yes... Rage... Rage are good... This is a very intense song. There's not many feelings like a whole crowd screaming "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!"...

Frenzal Rhomb Ship of Beers
I was a mid-90s punk boy... Blink 182, NoFX, Strung Out, NUFAN... the whole Fat Wreck Chords scene. Frenzal held the Australian torch up pretty damn high. In a very public secret confession I'll admit I only just bought Meet the Family last year. And I knew the words to half the songs, probably dating back to when i was first listening to it circa year 8-9. The sorrow felt when those guys took "time off" was much more intense than I thought it would be (you don't miss something till it's gone... "we can't accidentally see frenzal anymore!"). Those who saw how overstimulated I was at their gig this year might have a clue as to why these guys kick so much ass...

Madness Baggy Trousers
Associated with the mid 90s punk thing comes a love of third wave ska... "But Madness are a second wave two tone band from the 80s!" chorus the pedantic ska music nerd crowd (if there is one). True... I would dearly love to put some Reel Big Fish on the list, but deciding on my favorite single song of theirs is nigh on impossible. Given that RBF owe their existence to Madness, RBF and Madness are the two best live shows I've EVER seen and I have a clear favorite Madness song I felt voting for this is a good compromise... I went ballistic when they played this song live... BLISS

The Action Design Eyes on Me
Who? Why waste a vote like that? Well two words TSUNAMI BOMB... Everyone who knows me should know the absolute thing I have for this band... So how does that connect to Action Design? Well unfortunately Triple J's list is exhaustive but doesn't have Tsunami Bomb songs on it (although the band is there strangely enough). So I voted for the next best thing, the follow up band. For the record I would've voted for 5150 (which is somewhat ironically the police code for an escaped lunatic) and possibly ...Not Forever or No Good Very Bad Day.

Ranks 6-10 (no order)
Midnight Oil The Dead Heart
The Oils are the best band to come from Australia ever... and definitely one of the most important. Go and listen to them now. And I don't care if he's a politician I still think he kicks ass. This is the song of theirs I like the most.

Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop
Partially a "fuck you" to all those kids out in their Rah-moan-ez shirts and don't even know the name of the song "Hey Ho Let's Go" comes from (it's Blitzkrieg Bop btw). But mainly I choose this for two reasons... One I love the song, Two I'm a punk boy (kinda... pop punk I guess) and these guys are the Moses of Pop Punk... Gotta pay your dues and this song deserves the votes...

Michael Jackson Beat It
He's the king of pop... Sure he's not playing with a full deck (i think his deck is just the 7 of Spades and a joker actually) but he sings and dances VERY well. To not put him in the top 100 artists of all time would be a travesty... I choose beat it for the same reason as the Oils... I like the song the most.

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
Do I really have to explain this? Play this song anywhere and find me a group where at least one person doesn't sing along...

Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart
There's a reason this topped the list last time they did this... It's a good song... Listen to it and try and challenge me.

So that's my top ten... It was damn hard to pick too
other stuff that crossed my mind

Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
You spin me right round- Dead or Alive
Blister in the Sun- Violent Femmes
- Daft Punk
Wonderwall- Oasis
Just a Girl- No Doubt (a karaoke classic!)
New York New York- (Best karaoke song EVER)
-Rise Against
-The Might Be Giants
Intergalactic- Beastie Boys
Fight for your right- Beastie Boys
Knights of Cydonia- Muse
Hazy Shade of Winter- I like the Bodyjar version
Black Betty- Once again I prefer Spiderbait’s version
Rock Lobster- B52s
Kung Fu Fighting-
-Crowded House
-Misfits (probably skulls)
Oh Fortuna Carmina Burana- Carl Orf
Night on Bare Mountain-

so yeah... comments/questions?

Love, Hugs and Kisses

ps I think they should try a hottest 100 from all the songs that have been on a hottest 100 before... best of the best style... but that's just a slightly more selective hottest 100

Followed by death threats for Keanu Reeves...

So in his daily foray into the creepy underbelly of the interweb (ie he surfs 4chan) my brother found this picture and alerted me to it...
Three pictures, all with approximate dates... From right to left

Keanu Reeves last year, Keanu Reeves 14 years ago, and a portrait of an actor (who uses the name Paul Mounet) from 1875!... That's right 134 years ago!

Now obviously they're all the same person, which logically makes Keanu Reeves a minimum of 162 years old (given Paul Mounet was apparently born in 1847)... And if I know my "immortal beings" life stories (Ra's Al Ghul, Apocalypse and the Highlander characters) they just change their name/country of residence and resume their life every generation or so. This means we clearly can't tell how many "lives" Keanu has lived so far... I wonder who he was and what he did between 1922 and 1964? Something to do with fighting the Nazis I hope...

But obviously we now have one choice of action... Behead him with a sword and inherit his powers.

I needs to get me a sword of some form...

Love Hugs and Kisses

And last of all....


So yeah extra stuff to think about from Bookface

Love, hugs and Kisses

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