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29 October 2010

So I've been thinking about death recently

and I've mad a list, in order of my favourite ones*
  1. Well not my favourite... this is a countdown not a count up. But the blogger program can't handle a reverse numbering system (or it can I just don't know how to do it).
    Marvel Death (not the Horseman of the apocalypse, which would have therefore included Wolverine, Sabertooth and the rest of them but the anthropomorphic personification of death). And yes I know NOONE really dies in marvel comics. (except for Bucky and Uncle Ben... and even Bucky came back)

    She is kinda lame and fairly generic... Nothing really that notable about this one (other than her ability to make this a "top 5" list). I guess the fact that Thanos (one of the "big bads" of the Marvel universe) has a crush on her and his driving desire to kill EVERYONE in the universe to prove his love for her is her only original aspect...
  2. (No not 2... but actually number 4)
    Family Guy Death
    Once again nothing to special about him... He has a few good jokes, a few more bad ones and like most Family Guy characters (excluding the obviously amazing Adam West... Noone messes with Adam We...).
  3. DEATH (and yes he comes in at 3)
    He "
    TALKS LIKE THIS" and has made an appearance in every single Discworld book but one making him essentially the core character of the entire discworld series. With a few slight changes and adding a personality the fairly boring "death" of mythology etc he has become a quite unique and entertaining character.
    He sees his job as more of a public service than anything sinister (hence the constant desire to go on holidays it would seem) and isn't a bad guy at all. He's fairly amusing and whilst not getting killer "lines" (he's more of a straight man foil to the rest of discworld) he does get some awesome situations. Having to collect a tubeworm from the ocean is kinda amusing and Rincewinds death timing hourglass which curves back on itself and appears to operate in at least 4 dimensions is pretty cool.
    Adding in a host of sub-deaths and a white horse named Binky (because skeleton horses are a pain to wire back together and the flaming one set fire to the barn) and he was a tough character to knock back to third place... but you will see why.
    Incidentally I considered putting the Death of Rats on the list, but didn't need to because I already had 5...
  4. No not 4... But actually Second
    She's perky, she's cute, she's popular to boot! She's the (relatively) new DC Comics Death. Created by Neil Gaiman (one of my many man crushes... he's so cool he's even engaged to Amanda Palmer!) she's the reason I even bothered writing this list. She debuted in the Sandman and was so popular she's even grabbed her own comics occasionally (Death: The High Cost of Living is what I just read to prompt this list).

    A perky inquisitive goth girl delighting in just experiencing life (Hey if you only got to live one day every century you'd be excited about eating a hotdog too I'm sure) you've really got to read something with her in it to understand why she's so cool... she just is. Probably good example of what good writing is. Read the Sandman or Death and nothing huge and gimmicky happens to draw you in, rather you just get to the end and go "shit that went fast... is that all?"
    She's also the best reason I've ever seen for someone to where an Ankh...

  5. No not 5, but actually my favourite Death of all time...
    William Sadler's Saturn Award winning (for best supporting actor) Duke of Spook, Doc of Shock, Man with no Tan... Death from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey...

    (FYI William Sadler was also in Red's Gang in Shawshank Redemption and Die Hard 2)

    I've never seen a Death start off with so much dignity (well they all try for dignity I guess) only to have it so systematically removed. From a sinister dark figure on the hill, to cross dressing to get into heaven, to whinging/boasting about pushing the cart and making the wigs whilst the Stations are assembling the good robot bill and teds. He plays the double bass (always a good thing in a band) and has some great moments...

    It's also prompted me to challenge death to either Twister or Battleships should I ever confront him/her/it (and best of 7? DAMN RIGHT!) rather than the traditional Chess.
    "You may be a king or a little street sweeper... but sooner or later you dance with the reaper"

So that's my list of favourite Deaths...

Love, Hugs and Kisses

PS I found the stats function... Who searching for White Rabbit Dynamite anyway and how the hell did they find my blog with that search?

*clearly we're talking Anthropomorphic Death here...

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