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3 June 2012

Eurovision 2012

So I'm a week late... which is pretty close to how I run with deadlines at work atm too, anyway the Eurovision was run and won (by Azerbaijan and Sweden respectively) and I thought I'd put in a quick post to keep up with the last few years.

I was in B-town playing in the B-town stampede over the weekend which meant I didn't get to catch the Eurovision with as much focus as normal. I got to see semi one with people arriving towards the end, the beginning of semi two and I was home for the final. This means I didn't really get to see all the entries to try and judge the weirdest of the lot... although Montenegro's Rambo Amadeus had to come close... followed by Austria's Trackshittaz (although I think Rambo has everyone beaten this year for the weird factor... Austria just draw close on the shit factor... and the looking creepy factor).

Again I didn't come close to picking the winner, but it was pretty obvious it was going to be Sweden by round 8. The only real surprise was how well Albania went with that terribly creepy chick that they had. Moldova (whom was apparently left the Sunstroke Project before their 2010 Eurovision tilt) finished middle of the pack-ish which is good because I do love their entries (although disappointingly he changed his shorts and there wasn't the bride fighting... although the choreography was hilarious)... and the fact the Russian grannies did as well as they did is pretty cool too. I thought Italy would have done better. I also felt Norway deserved a better place (although I think Sweden stole a lot of it's votes).

Unsurprisingly the host guy was creepy as hell, but the other two chicks weren't bad... The hosts are slowly (very very slowly) improving over the years... now it's generally only one that is toe curlingly horrifying rather than both/all three. There was also a lot of "Azerbaijan Land of boring boring" in between songs which I was fairly certain would be there.

So Sweden won... which at least means they will be able to afford to host it next year... that's a good thing

I was also going through my draft posts here (there's a few blog post idea's there that I couldn't be assed writing up properly yet) and decided fuck it... I'll just add the vid links here without any segue into them at all

so as a bonus here are two of my favourite muppet clips ever

Sax and Violence (with two of my fav muppets) and Marvin Sugg's Muppaphone

Love hugs and Kisses

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