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28 March 2011

Cover Versions and why ska music DOESN'T suck

So faffing around with itunes I noticed that my covers playlist is now over 140 songs long and pretty well reflects my tastes given it is all ska, ska punk, pop punk and punk with a smattering of "other". And it appears the metal, punk and ska are pretty well the three biggest culprits when it comes to covers... At least in the covers I know. The Short Fast Loud cover show is my favourite of the year.

Before I get deeper into this post time to address the most commonly touted opinion I get from people after they hear I like ska (after "what is ska?") is "Ska sucks, Propagandhi said so"... now the first counter I've seen to this arguement is "Ska bands never make any money compared to most other bands due to their size" or "of course they're in it for the money, all bands are". But I'm much prouder of my counter arguement which is simply, "yes believe everything you hear unquestioningly and let someone else make up your mind for you... that's clearly the central message that Propagandhi are trying to get across in their songs"

Anyway, cover versions are good so I thought I'd post some here... So I thought I'd post some of my favs here, but that was harder than it seems given I couldn't work out and easy way to upload the songs here for people to see. So there will be just a list with links to youtube vids if I can find them.
(incidentally this is the default video I link to when I got to youtube... semi related)

So here's not the exhaustive list of covers I have, just the more amusing ones (and I'm not bothering with any of the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes or Reel Big Fish stuff... that would make the list far to long)
plus given the you tube searching I did, I found a bunch of other covers on there
Oh well, punk/ska is good and so are covers

Love, Hugs and Kisses

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