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16 October 2010

Tin Foil Hat? Check!

Ok so I managed to avoid all traces of productivity today by typing "conspiracy" into google... How had I never thought to do this before...

Anyway I found a website that links (tongue in cheek) to a bunch of other deadly serious conspiracy sites... From your standard MJ-12/NWO/Masons/Organised Jewish conspiracy stuff to reptiloids controlling the royal family to false moon landings to Vaccines and Vapour Trails and almost everything else you could think of (and much you couldn't without prompting) was there. In fact some of these are so out of control it makes standard Alien/MJ12/NWO/Mason/Jew conspiracies seem positively boring.

Unfortunately many of the sites where dead links =( but some still work and there were summaries everywhere. I shudder to think of the cookies that have wormed their way onto my computer by clicking these links. But I thought I should share some of my favourites

  1. A theory that the matrix (yes the movie) was basically real... Unfortunately it was a geocities site so it was dead... I had an "awww I remember geocities" moment when the link didn't work
  2. A fairly average white supremacist who hated the Jews and Liberals for threatening the white civilisation (I wonder where he thought it came from?) but really really really loved pigeons...
  3. "There are many people out there who haven't made a decision for Jesus yet. Some are avid believers in UFO's, and/or evolution." I want to find out what this site is even on about... Plus I want to know the options one has when "deciding for Jesus" is he trying to pick out new shoes? Or what to have for breakfast? I'd also like to meet an avid believer in UFOs but not evolution...
  4. Then there was a prophetic site... including this marvel from the 80s (after the author realised he couldn't watch two tvs at once and had a vision of Yahweh watching all 5 billion of us on earth like tv shows) "I can't really explain what happened next. It was as though my mind was trying to comprehend the total thoughts of Yahweh, at which point my mind just shut off. I stood there in the store, for what seemed like an eternity, with a blank mind and absolutely no thoughts going through it, like I was catatonic. Slowly I came back to my senses and I just stood there some more, marveling at the greatness of Yahweh and the power of His might!!" Not sure if the authors mind was ever ON...
  5. Savethemales dot ca... NWO and Feminism combined... enough said
  6. "The Alien and New World Order Agenda We Can Defeat Them With Ether Energy Orgone Blasters!! order at bottom of website..." I want one... NOW (see the bottom.... WOW) This one really deserves a link...
  7. A Life on Mars website called common sense central
  8. Ancient Civilisations aren't actually real they were invented in the 14th-16th century (probably by the Jews) and the dating systems we use are confused and wrong
  9. "World Sex Daily has one main aim. That is to make you see that as dangerous and maniacal as the jews are, they are also ridiculous and goofy"... yet you went with the name world sex daily to prove the jews are goofy... right
  10. "Putting an end to 'discrimination' and 'racism' is very simple. Isolate Whites from the rest of the Global Community." At least stupidity on the interweb is allowed by everyone
  11. There was an absolutely horrifying one I found that was dedicated to Himler and trying to "prove" that the Jews had run an elaborate conspiracy to make the non jews worship their god instead of the actual non jewish god... whom happened to be satan... So yeah... Neo Nazi Satanists... I guess we've found the ultimate movie badguys...
  12. A "history of the white race" website that tried to claim the Sumerians were white (because one of their statues had blue eyes) and Nefertiti as white (because she had pale-ish skin in one statue).
  13. Oh and David Icke's site... he's a nutjob. Some of his best (besides the reptoids) include, the catholic church causing the black death by eliminating the "satanic" house cat, we're all just holograms, lots of anti EU stuff and anti agenda 21/global warming is a fraud stuff...
But yeah... lots of crazy shit there... some quite fucked up and offensive and some just out of control... those Alien/Satan/Elf fighting water pistols have given me the best laugh I've had for a while though

Love Hugs and Kisses

Now to clear my hard drive of tracking things and find my tin foil hat

Orgone Water Blasting! Burn and Destroy Aliens and the coming Giants with Orgone charged water. You won't need a super-sized rifle you can't handle or that will run out of bullets...or that may not even affect them but Orgoned Water will DESTROY them! Be Prepared to Protect Yourself!

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